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Ice and Party Luges


Weight: 150 pounds
Length: 33 inches
Width: 9 inches
Height from table to mouth of the Luge
12 inches


Weight: 200 pounds
Length: 39 inches
Width: 9 inches
Height from table to mouth of the Luge
13 inches


Weight: 50 pounds
Length: 20 inches
Width: 10 inches
Height: 13 inches
(This is a pick up item only. No delivery available.)

Please contact Artistic Ice Creations for prices.

An ice luge is constructed from a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through the center.  This channel is used to cool a beverage for drinking. A determined quantity of liquid, typically liquor, is poured into a channel at the top of the ice luge, as the liquid travels through the channel it is cooled and then dispensed at the bottom of the channel at an ice cold temperature.  The beverage can be dispensed either directly to an individual or into a glass.

Click an image below to view a slideshow of how we make the Ice Luge.


An ice luge can be used with most alcoholic drinks, even flaming sambuca. Often ice luges are single channel but can be up to 4 separate channels.  Designs can be as diverse and our CNC carving machines ensure that we can create almost any design. The amount of time that a luge lasts is affected by amount of alcohol poured through and room temperature.  Our expert staff has created thousands of Ice Luge designs for almost every occasion and can work with you to create a custom Ice Luge that meets your specific needs.

Below are some examples of a variety of Ice Luges we have created.  Just click the image to get a larger view.



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