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Snow Services

Do You Want A Cool Party?

At Arizona Iceman we can make any day a Snow Day.  We use real ice and snow blowers to create a real snow party.  Your child can now have an outdoor party in the any time of year.  Our snow if available year round and lasts for hours even in the hot Arizona sun.  Adding snow to your event will be sure to increase the fun.  Your guests will be thrilled with the quality of the snow. 


Call Us Today and let the friendly staff at Arizona Iceman create a snow experience that your guests will never forget.  We have the ability to turn any environment into a winter wonderland.  Best of all we use real ice to create an authentic experience. Our friendly staff will ensure that you get the right amount for your snow party.


 Snow Making Arizona 3 Tons  40 Tons of Fake Snow
 3 Tons of Snow
 40 Tons of Snow

Call Us Today and Ask About Our Special Party Packages!

Our Snow Services are great for:


- Birthday Parties

- Holiday Events

- Church Functions

- Open House

- Church Functions

- School Functions

- Theme Parties

- Dog Parities



  Snow Slide  

Include our Snow Slide at your event to make it even more enjoyable.  Our snow slide will add hours of fun to your party and allow the guest to partake a real snow sledding experience.  Image the fun your guest will have going down a snow slide in the middle of the hot Arizona summer.

Our Snow Services and Snow Slide In Action (Click on Image to View Larger Image)

Snow Slide with 4 Tons of SnowSnow Slide with 4 Tons of Snow
Snow Party with 40 Tons of SnowSnow Slide



  Snow Team  

Our Snow Team (Click on Image to View Larger Image)



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  What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for making Christmas Eve so special for me and my family by delivering two tons of snow to our lawn in Moon Valley. My parents can't stop talking about it. All of the neighbors kids came and played and people driving by looking at the lights at night stopped and took photos or threw a snow ball. It was truly magical and memorable. Thanks again.

Happy Holidays,
Sydney Brown



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